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Meet our Creators

Jace Norman

Most notable for his role as Henry Hart in Nickelodeon’s #1 hit show Henry Danger, he is known for his witty and creative personality that is as real as his ascension to stardom.

Instagram - 3m Followers

Twitter - 191k Followers

Facebook - 79k Likes

Khloë Terae

Terae is a Canadian born model, humanitarian, and social media influencer with stunning looks and a bubbly personality featured in Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy.

Instagram - 2m Followers

Twitter - 319k Followers

Facebook - 2.4m Likes

Thomas Kuc

Thomas is an American actor and artist fluent in Polish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, and English known for his role as Hudson on Nickelodeon’s show The Game Shakers.

Instagram - 1.4m Followers

Twitter - 49.7k Followers

Facebook - 66k Likes

A New Age of Marketing

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Featured In

CNBC Squawk Box

Jace Norman shares the ideas behind starting Creator Edge with creators monetizing their influence by partnering with advertisers.

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Jace Norman discusses how brands continue to use outdated marketing efforts which cause a disconnect with a generation that despises advertisements.

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The Breakfast Club

Jace Norman discusses his acting career, Hollywood Culture, and what the future holds for him as he transitions from being an actor to an entrepreneur.

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Cheddar at NYSE

Jace Norman and experts on the NYSE explore the rise in influencer marketing and the success of companies using influencers to create branded content over traditional advertisements.

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US Weekly

Jace Norman discusses his passion for entrepreneurship developed during his childhood as well how influencers need to ensure branded content is genuine and authentic.

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Fox Business

Jace Norman shares his thoughts on how the current obsession with social media has caused a new marketing era of influencers using their following to show branded content.

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