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Seamlessly Integrating Brands With Our Creators

Creator Edge Media is a leading influencer marketing agency that enables brands to deliver Super Bowl Sunday quality branded content through the world's leading influencers across nearly every demographic.  Creator Edge Media provides brands with a platform to make every dollar go further than it would with traditional advertising.  


Jace Norman


Jace is one of the world’s most successful teen influencers. Jace has amassed over 2.3 million followers on Instagram and his social media channels. Having starred most notably as Henry Hart on Nickelodeon’s hit show Henry Danger, Jace has developed a noteworthy ability to create quality content and recognize talent.


“Some people are dreamers, everyone else lives in their realities.”

Jace Norman  |  Co-Founder



Founded by four young partners with significant experience across all forms of entertainment, Creator Edge Media was able to build its client base via personal relationships and familiar faces. Creator Edge Media integrates content creation, optimization and distribution under one roof.  When you use Creator Edge Media to promote your brand, you eliminate middle-men, thus increasing your return on capital. This intimacy and all-in-house model of brand integrated content creation and distribution produces  content that is more organic and naturally engaging, a difference that the audience feels.